HEX vs. BTC: ROI from Launch


As measured from each coin's respective launch to the open market, HEX has been keeping track with BTC in terms of ROI. Over the course of the nearly 2 years that HEX has been in existence, it currently sits at an

ROI of 8,342X as measured from all time low to all time high.

The first chart compares the normalized ROI as measured from launch to the open market for both HEX and BTC.

The second chart, titled "HEX/BTC Performance Index", maps Bitcoin's historical performance to a line so we can

more clearly see HEX's performance relative to BTC by removing one degree of noise.


How To Use

Long term HEX investors can monitor the daily changes of ROI as compared to BTC in an analogous "time since launch" framework. Historically, we've seen that HEX can underperform, keep track with, as well as overperform Bitcoin.


Created By

Gerardo - @gerawrdog