One of the primary value propositions of HEX is its superior design around value accrual.

Even though appreciation versus the US dollar obviously cannot be guaranteed, it is a known fact that cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and many more - and now including HEX - have each respectively appreciated hundreds of thousands of percent in a matter of years.

It has been clearly outlined since its inception that HEX was designed to mimic the price appreciation that Ether saw against the US dollar in its first 2.5 years after launch (~10,000x).

The chart below displays the maximum ROI that any HEX holder could have experienced (before and after staking) and how that ratio (ATH/ATL) changes over time.

This allows one to better understand this particular dimension of HEX's design by visualizing things such as time between all time highs and how that changes with time.

ATH = All Time High [USD]
ATL = All Time Low [USD]

How To Use

HEX investors can monitor the daily changes of HEX's maximum ROI as it changes with time. Historically, we've seen the HEX price take anywhere from a single day to nearly 6 months to reach new ATH's. ​

Created By

Gerardo - @gerawrdog