Exponential Regression Rainbow


Historically, HEX's price has bottomed out around the exponential fit defined by r*exp(θ*t), where:

r = 0.00005464403566

θ = 0.01126672271

t = time [in days]

Because HEX has been as far extended as ~20X above this exponential fit, these indicators include sets of colored regression curves to represent past regions of overvaluation using this ~20X level as a theoretical upper bound.


Equidistant Model:

The first set of charts represent a set of equidistant regression curves (in log space) where the boundaries and midline (red, pink, & green) have the bulk of the mathematical significance out of all the colors.

Fibonacci Model:

The second set of charts represent a set of Fibonacci-spaced regression curves (red, green, pink same as above model) in an effort to give all colored curves further mathematical significance.

How To Use

Long term HEX investors can monitor the daily price relative to the regression rainbow. Historically, when we see price go into the upper bands, the market can get overheated. Periods where price reaches orange, red, and below

have been great times to buy HEX.

Created By

Gerardo - @gerawrdog

Equidistant Model:

Fibonacci-Spaced Model: