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One of the primary value propositions of HEX is its ability to produce yield (in the form of more HEX) for stakers.

By staking HEX, one is effectively burning the coins in exchange for shares. The number of shares one creates by staking depends on the current global shareRate variable (measured in tera-shares per HEX), stake length (LPB) and stake size (BPB).

This allows the system to timestamp your stakes in a way that dilutes future participants enough to always incentivize staking sooner rather than later. Such a design also creates a system in which long stakes will always outperform short re-compounding stakes of the same net length and size.

In the charts below, we plot various staking metrics versus time such as:

Share Rate
T-Share Price / Market Cap
Daily Payout Per T-Share
Total T-Shares
Staking Participation %
Maximum Staking APY

The pie chart at the bottom of the page attempts to visually represent the "Total Time Value" of HEX. It does this by plotting the market cap of total circulating liquid HEX ("now value") as well as the market cap of total circulating shares (future value).

LPB = Longer Pays Better

20% bonus shares per lock-up year
Maximum of 3x bonus shares for 3641 to 5555 day stakes

BPB = Bigger Pays better

1% bonus shares per 15M HEX
Maximum of 10% bonus shares for 150M HEX stakes

How To Use

HEX stakers can monitor the daily changes of these various staking metrics. We've seen that average staking APY has stabilized around the ~38% level for nearly a year now.

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Share Rate

Share Rate

T-Share Price [USD]

T-Share Valuations

Daily Payout per T-Share

Total T-Shares

Staking Participation & Maximum APY