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Private Dashboard, Custom Indicators, Exclusive Weekly Videos, Quarterly Reports

Welcome to LookIntoHex. I'm Gerardo Gutierrez, Graphic Designer with a background in Engineering Physics, Data Analysis, Programming, and Mathematics. I make public crypto analysis videos on YouTube and private content for a group of analysts and HEX investors. Video updates
are released weekly & Quarterly Reports are released every 90 days.
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Private Dashboard, Custom Indicators, Weekly VIP Videos, Quarterly Reports

Private Dashboard:
- DEX Liquidity Calculator
- Rainbow Daily Delta Indicator (RD
- Rainbow Weekly Delta Indicator (RW

Custom TradingView Indicators:
- HEX Fibonacci Regression Rainbow
- HEX Classic Regression Rainbow
- HEX Risk Metric

Weekly Video Updates
- Released Every Sunday
- "What Am I Doing?" Personal Strategy Section
- Priority Q&A

Quarterly Reports
- Professional, In Depth, Multi-Page Review
- Outstanding Models: Validation / Invalidation / Updates
- Organized Summary of Highlights, Narrative, & Future Planning

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TradingView Indicators

Do your own technical analysis using our custom regression rainbows and risk metric indicators. Develop your own personalized strategies with these unique visual charting tools.
Rainbow Delta Indicators

These custom indicators have flashed clear signals before almost every historical HEX local peak. This will give you an edge in knowing when the market is very overextended.
Continuous Updates

Both the weekly update videos and quarterly reports help glue everything together in a way that's clear, concise, and actionable. All content is available for you to review at any time.
"The Willy Woo of Hex"
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Custom Indicators, Private Dashboard, Weekly VIP Videos, Quarterly Reports